Will tallow skincare stink?

Absolutely not! Or at least, ours doesn't. Because we render our tallow in-house, we can be sure it is done right. After simmering on low heat to loosen up the liquid gold (tallow), we strain it through progressively finer filters a total of 3 times. This minimizes any microscopic particles in the tallow that can cause odor in some tallow. We then freeze the grass fed tallow and only grab what we need, as we need it, batch by batch. This ensures that when you order a product, you have a full one year shelf life ahead of you. Be sure to use our products within one year or, as with any natural ingredient, they may go rancid. 

In addition to the careful attention we give our tallow, we also use a heavy hand when pouring our essential oils into every batch. In fact, we formulated our soap recipes with twice the industry standard of essentials oils to provide a rich aromatic experience. And with our body butters, we're almost 4 times above what the average formulator uses. We do this because our mission is to bring the power of nature into daily routine. A few drops of essential oils may be enough for a lightly scented hand cream, but for our full-body aromatherapy body butters, we intended on packing a powerhouse of aromatherapy in every jar. 

So, back to the question...will tallow skincare stink. Not ours!