How to Live Life More Naturally

In a world bombarded by chemical pollutants, it's a wonder how our bodies are able to survive with the mass exposure to toxic elements in our food, water, air, personal products and household items. All-natural items are no longer an option, they are a necessity. And the time to act is now!

How to Live Life More Naturally

Choosing to live life more naturally takes commitment, perseverance and strength. At every turn we are forced to make the choice: cheap and easy or quality at a price. However, there are ways to make this switch a little easier on you. The journey to 'all-natural' must become a daily habit to encourage a life-long adjustment. Having a plan will help facilitate the switch.

Ideally, we would reduce our chemical consumption by switching to all local organic foods, filtered water, purified air, natural household supplies and of course, all natural bath and beauty products. When we do this, we begin to provide our bodies with the ideal environment for healing and regrowth. In addition, we begin to break the chains of dependency of an outside source by manifesting the element of self-sustainability as many natural items simply need to be made or grown at home. This can be a beautiful thing as working towards self-sustainability whenever possible allows each individual the power to control what they consume or are exposed to on a regular basis.

With that said, understanding that it takes a community of people who are committed to this same natural lifestyle in order to truly achieve our natural living goals is important. It's hard to believe that we can trust others to produce absolutely clean products we can use to enhance our natural lifestyle, but it is so true. You just have to be prepared to actively seek them out and read everything you can about them, their products and the ingredients they choose.

natural rosemary leaf

Some products, like our homemade natural soaps, have been developed by people who put in the research and development to provide you with superb, all-natural products so you may focus on growing or making other things that enhance your natural journey. It's important to support these companies who are prepared and willing to tackle this hard job to honor purity at every turn, even against the odds. Reach out to contact a grass fed farmer. Join a CSA or a Community Supported Agriculture. Purchase handmade soaps and skincare, natural household cleaners and other products that will make your journey a lot easier.

With that said, here are some steps you can take immediately to live life more naturally.

Start Reading Today

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

Beautiful words of wisdom from a social organization that began on the principle that it takes unity and strength to change a community, called the GD's.

Preparing for the switch to all natural involves preparation by becoming aware about what ingredients to avoid and what products to introduce into your life, body and home. One of the ways we can prepare is to identify reputable resources to help distinguish between flighty "health" fads and highly researched goods and ideas. Another way is to embrace and deeply understand the importance of the switch to organic, local and all natural in the first place. The best way to do this is by reading whatever we can get our hands on. Actively seek out scientific journals and companies that are committed to research, not just the latest headlines. 

Make Small Yet Gradual Adjustments

We have identified one key factor to making the change to an all natural lifestyle is to: incorporate natural products gradually through small, regular adjustments to your already established daily routine.

Making small adjustments gradually is far easier to sustain and embrace long-term than a massive change all at once. Begin by creating a list of household products used daily like laundry detergent, dish soap, bar soap, common foods and household cleaners. Then, choose one or two items you want to switch and do some reading on reputable companies that sell natural alternatives to your common, possibly chemically-laden ones. Or read about how you can make the item or grow the item at home. You will be surprised by all the instructables on the internet and books available to support your journey.

Again, start slow and make gradual changes because switching everything in your home at once is not only very costly, but not likely to lead to long-term changes. Get used to using 2 product alternatives first, then move on to two more.

Learn to Live Without

Look at your list and identify which items you can easily life without. Yes, I said it, live without! I was shocked to realize that I did not need that bright blue window cleaner most of us grew up attached to. I always hated the smell of vinegar so that wasn't an option either. Instead, I chose to live without. Funny thing is I have cleaner windows now that I use nothing but a rag with water and a paper towel to dry.

Try living without bleach. Try living without dryer sheets. Try living without shampoo and conditioner. Yes, you can do this. Our homemade natural soaps double as shampoo and body soap. In fact, they also make  great shaving soaps as they produce a rich lather that provides the ideal slide for your razor to glide over your skin, cutting hairs and moisturizing as you shave. As a shampoo, wash your hair as normal, rubbing the bar soap on your hair to create a lather. Then, rinse and follow up with about a tsp of apple cider vinegar in a cup of cool water. Rinse with cold water to close your hair's cuticles and I can guarantee you will have smoother hair than you've had in a long time. So, find ways to use natural items in more than one way and learn to live without.

shampoo hair with natural soap

Stock up Before Your Run Out

Once you have chosen the few items you'd like to switch to, don't throw out your old products. You've been using them for forever, a few more weeks won't hurt you and unless you have unlimited access to money, you don't want to waste your money like that. Instead, spend this time finding great alternatives, then order or purchase BEFORE you run out. By stocking up on natural supplies before you need them, you are more likely to begin to use the readily available natural alternative rather than running to the store last minute to get your usual chemical brand.

As your current products do run out, grab the alternative natural product and begin using just as you normally would. Make notes on the natural items effectiveness, longevity, possible combination with other products (add baking soda to bath cleaner for tough soap scum or add lemon essential oil to the laundry detergent to sanitize), etc… And remember to restock as you grab that last item off the shelf. Again, eliminate the last-minute store purchase just because you ran out and need something quick. This proactive approach to shopping with help you solidify the change to all natural indefinitely by properly preparing for the future.

If one brand doesn’t work great for you, try another. Not all natural products are created equal.

Now Go Get Natural!

Small adjustments like the ones above will help fine tune your natural approach to shopping and living. One step at a time, you can break the cycle of exposure to toxins and chemical products and we vow to help you get there.

At Nefertem Naturals™, we strive to nurture your journey through support and a multitude of resources so you may continue learning about the dangers of commercially available products and the benefits of all natural ones. While we may not provide you with all the tools needed to purify your life, we do provide you with the essential bath, body and beauty products you need to get started along with informative articles to keep you going.

The journey is not going to be easy, but it is worth it and we are here to help you through it. Please contact us if you have any questions. We value our relationship with you and want to see your succeed. Blessings to you on this journey to all natural!